attend the 'march for our lives' - saturday, march 24 across the United States & Around the World

On March 24, AZA and BBG will be marching at events across the United States. For those Jewish teens - affiliated with AZA, BBG and BBYO or otherwise - coming to the national ‘March for Our Lives’ on March 24, we are preparing a few moments that you can opt into throughout your visit to Washington, D.C.

join our inaugural organizing call

The AZA & BBG International Boards will host a call Sunday, March 11 at 4:00 PM EDT to share updates on teen- led efforts and to gather additional ideas from teens across the Movement around mobilization on Safe Schools (for both the short-term and long-term impact).


Rally your community on Friday, March 23, to make posters for the ‘March for Our Lives’ followed by a Kabbalat Shabbat service that highlights the Jewish values that compel us to pursue justice, build a compassionate world, and love one another. At the end of Shabbat, celebrate Havdallah with your community to mark your day of activism. We'll be uploading resources here as they become available. Check back frequently. 


Every teen over 18 should be a voter. You can register to vote below. There, you can also find all the tools you need to hold voter registration drives in your communities, at your next convention, in your community centers and synagogues, and at your schools. In many U.S. states, you can register to vote as early as age sixteen. It’s vital that our civic participation begins now. 

To our brothers and sisters beyond the United States, this call to action is for you too. Worldwide, teens are rising up and demanding change. Register to vote in your countries and ensure that the voice of our generation is heard everywhere.

contact elected officials 

What we have to say matters and the world is listening. Host a letter writing campaign or phone bank your elected officials to demand the action you want them to take. You can also mobilize from your smartphone by copying and pasting message templates to send here and reach out to your elected representatives’ with this contact information.

To our brothers and sisters beyond the United States, this call to action is for you too. Connect with your elected leaders and fight to remake the world as you believe it should be.

PLAN A charity concert or fundraiser

Several communities are exploring organizing a charity concert featuring local teen talent to raise funds for the families of victims of school-related violence as well as agencies and organizations that are working to protect teens and young people from danger. Community fundraisers of all kinds, including concerts, are great ways to build stronger community ties while raising philanthropic resources for important allies in this work.

Recent Successful Example: You may have seen the success with Bake Action Against Gun Violence in hosting a bake sale with your chapter and donating the proceeds to organizations that are fighting to protect our safety or support members of the Parkland community. As additional models like this develop across the country, we’ll continue to share best practices.


Explore the Text Studies below that provide text, perspective, and supplements for facilitating conversations with each other and other stakeholders in your community. Use these resources to bring your friends into the conversation.